SEO- What Do Search Engines Want?

It is a good question, but first maybe we should ask...

What Is SEO?

“SEO considers how search engines work, the computer programmed algorithms which dictate search engine behavior, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines, and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience.”


The light bulb moment or maybe you need a little help – “what people search for”


Search engines do their best to try and answer your question as you can see on your search bar (image below). If you have the correct answer to a question it can affect your ranking factor. We decided to ask for the best movies and only managed to type in “best mov” before the keywords where given to us. Adding “ing” gives us more results, adding a “b” even more results. The search engines are trying to answer our questions!

What Can We Do To Improve Your Search Engine Optimisation?

Content is key

Whilst in the past, 90% of your visitors arrived at your HOME page, your goal going forward is to get 90% of your visitors arriving at the high quality keyword crafted content pages and encourage visitors to browse deeper within the site, all of which will assist in an improvement in rankings and overall website strength.


Carefully crafted, original and pertinent content is now Googles primary focus, gone are the days of keyword cramming and unrelated content.Google is now focusing on the interlinking within your website, and building qualified and relevant inbound and outbound links.

Think of the World Wide Web as though it was a spider web, with interlinking threads creating a pattern to form the perfect home.Your home being your website and business information.


Your website should not only be a brochure for your business, but a “spiderweb” that interlinks within your site and gets backlinks from other sites.


Internal link building and content re circulation have become the most powerful SEO tool for websites today.

Ranking Factors That Influence Your SEO

The top 4 ranking factors are:


Direct website visits | Time spent on site | Page views per session | Bounce rate

It becomes obvious to try to increase your engagement metrics. More engagement means more new organic traffic, which in turn leads to a greater opportunity to build a loyal audience.


In conclusion, speed, internal linking, outbound relevant linking and optimisation are top priorities when it comes to improving your SEO. By creating this platform, your visitors will more than likely explore your full site. Visitors can be erratic in their behaviour so we want to keep them interested.  We want them to explore your content and covert them to become a loyal and interested audience.

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