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The Challenge

Turn your Web-presence into real leads and customers

A high quality web presence would include a responsive or mobile friendly website so that users on all devices can view your website properly. Your website should impress the visitor and have the right message and call to action. When it comes to Internet marketing, knowing what you should do for your business can be complicated. Part of what Your Business Online does is simplify the strategies and technologies that you need as a business owner and guide you on what is absolutely essential and what’s a “nice to have”.

The Solution

Fully Responsive

Ensure website is fully responsive
Keyword Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation

Online Presence

Optimise and align Social Media presence
Ensure Brand is consistent on all platforms
Create essential backlinks from all platforms


Client Engagement

Implement Subscriber management tools
Setup email marketing
Setup Newsletter functionality

Phase 1 - Address Website

Mobile Site can Boost Sales By 50% +

Mobile Refresh

After re-building, your site will be 100% responsive on any device your visitor will be using to find your business. No blank spaces, fully adaptive to any screen size, with a modern easily scroll-able layout.

Keyword Optimised

We research keyword and keyword phrases using Google tools, and craft these strategic keywords into the content and meta data ensuring your site is optimised and can be found by the CORRECT audience.

Search Engine Optimsed

Whilst SEO is an ongoing process, we ensure that your website is listed correctly with all major search engines by publishing a site map and submitting. We also install tracking on the site, which enables us to offer ongoing advice on how your site is performing, and what actions are required to improve performance


Responsive on all Devices


Keyword Optimised


Search Engine Optimised

Phase 2 - Align Social Media with website

Google my Business

  • Claim ownership of Your Google My Business.
  • Verify
  • Align to Website theme


  • Align LinkedIn theme and message to website
  • Create Backlinks to Website
  • Publish Extract of Newsletter


  • Align theme and message to website
  • Create Backlinks to Website
  • Publish Extract of Newsletter


  • Align theme and message to website
  • Create Backlinks to Website
  • Publish Extract of Newsletter

Phase 3 - Client Engagement


Call to Action

Publish Clear Call to Action on:

  • Website
  • All other Online Platforms

Subscriber Management Systems

Email lists get 10 times higher conversions than social media campaigns


Developing a newsletter program with a solid audience will prove to be a very important marketing asset for the duration of your company


Optimised Website


Online Presence Aligned


Client Engagement Systems

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